Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September .... So far

It's been a busy month and we are trying to find our new groove with school, dance, social skills groups and life. 

Here's the last few weeks in pictures 

Naps made a return - kindergarten is kinda hard sometimes 

Spaghetti dinner out - Lia's favorite meal

A quick trip to the mailbox all dressed up

Our porch is finished !!!!!!!
We've been spending lots of time here

Making a card for Daddy - just because 

We got our library card & oh and some books 

We can't believe September is half way over! 
Time flies when you're having fun 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Class of 2028

Today was Lia's first day of Kindergarten

She was so excited to get there 
To see all the kids 
And her teacher Ms Brown 
And let's not forget the best thing of all ~
Uncle Ryan!! He's the gym teacher at her elementary school! 
 Bonus :) 

On the way out the door - snack in hand

It was a beautiful fall-like day 

Did I mention Lia was so excited?! 

When we arrived at school all the kindergarteners in the school meet at the flag poll and got in a big circle while Pharells song Happy was playing- it was so cute! 

This momma couldn't have had a sappy sweet song playing. It was an upbeat fun way to start the day and school year. 

Be amazing today and everyday Lia! 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

It's almost that time

Summer is almost over.
The last 2 weeks have flown by. 
And now Lia is just days away from starting Kindergarten. 
Yep it's almost that time! 

In the past few weeks we've packed as much summer in as we could. 

We've seen a summer rainbow 
We went to one of our favorite end of summer festivals at St Mary's and Lia had a sleep over with her cousins at Oma and Opas house

We have stayed up late reading 

And we have been hanging out in some unseasonably cool weather on our almost finished porch !!! 
And in the middle of it all Lia sprained her ankle 

It's been a fun and busy summer. 
It seems like just yesterday we began our summer at the beach 

And now we are school supply shopping, meeting teachers, talking curriculums and IEP's! 

Kindergarten will be a big adventure.
And we just know she'll be great. 
She has an outstanding team supporting her..... 
And oh the places she'll go!