Sunday, April 17, 2016

Spring has sprung

It seems as of late, I blog about once a month. 
It's not that nothing is going on... its that A LOT is going on. 

In the past month -

We celebrated Easter and the weather was perfect - 70 degrees and beautiful.
We had an Easter egg hunt @ Oma's and  Opa's! The confetti filled eggs were a hit. Lia makes sure we know they are called cascarones. 
It is a new tradition for sure.   
That was our first taste of spring. Then it turned cold again for a while 
so we had to find inside things to do.  

So we .... 

Go to the movies. 
Zootopia was the best movie we've seen in a while. And those seats make me want to go to the movies every weekend! 
We baked cookies - Lia called this "watching the cookie show" 
We went to Panera Bread Company because 
.. well that soup is her favorite and always brings out this smile. 
Yoga time 
Ballet time 
A trip to the Dr just so Lia could play Dr (wink wink) 
Sometime you just find things to do because your bored.. 

Which brings us to this weekend .. 

Aw... Now that's more like it! 
Spring has sprung 
Bird watching or spying on the neighbors? I'll never tell !!! 

Happy spring 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The big 6th birthday ...

Yay for ice cream 
Yay for cake 

A birthday cheer for 

Happy happy 6th birthday to our big girl

Every day for a week Lia has been asking if she is 6 yet. Each day we counted down the days left until she was 6. 
Finally I asked what happened when she turned 6, she simply said 
"Then I will be big" 
That's it, she's big now! 

So big means 2 parties and a birthday celebration that lasts for days, right?! 

We kicked off Lia's birthday week with a party with our family and friends on Sunday
We did a rainbow Inside Out party this past weekend with pizza, cupcakes and ice cream cake. Complete with balloons and streamers and party hats and goodie bags. 

Oh ya and lots and lots of gifts from loved ones 

And we had another little party today - just the three of us. 
We started the day off with balloons and breakfast 
And ended the day with flowers, spaghetti and meatballs and a chocolate pudding pie! 
Oh and more gifts! 
Lia picked out the wrapping paper! 
It's been a fun week celebrating with you Lia! 
You are fun, brave, smart, sweet and funny. You light up a room when you are in it. God knew what he was doing when he brought you into our world. 
You touch everyone around you and we hear time after time how special and how sweet you are. 

You are SO loved 

So sweet girl ... 
Happy 6th birthday - I guess you are really a big kid now! 
We love you to the moon and back 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

March in review

March is one of my favorite months! 

The weather warms 
The birds sing 
The sun shines
And it's Lia's birth month

It seems we spend the whole month party planning and shopping. 

Of course we do other things too
And here they are; 

An early birthday gift from Oma and Opa 
Welcome Samantha Mary! 
Scooter riding with no coat 
Out to dinner at Tommys Pizza! Yum 
This is how we feel about daylight savings time- Still in pjs at noon!! 

We voted - Lia had SO much fun helping 
Pretend Spring Break beach trip in our living room

Before a music performance at school ...
Our super happy little girl not so happy at her performance - stage fright hit hard. 
She worked it out - as the show must go on! 

Happy St Patrick's Day
And that brings us to today! 
We are getting ready to celebrate with family and friends Lia's 6th birthday this weekend. 

She picked a rainbow Inside Out party. Stay tuned.. 
We will wrap up March with a PAR-TAY!