Saturday, May 16, 2015

Our Weekly Adventures

This week marked the last day of preschool, Mothers Day and some random things in between! 

Mothers Day was relaxing and special. Lia planned what she wanted my "special day" to be like weeks in advance. Huh, wonder where she gets that from? 
Lia wanted to get me flowers and go out to a fancy spaghetti dinner! So that's just what we did. 
This was her face when the lemon cheesecake we ordered for dessert came 
This week was also the last day of preschool - ever! Next year she is going to Kindergarten! 

First day of school - Sept 2014
Last day of school May 2015 
What a big change this school year was

Lia had an appointment with an ENT this week and it looks like adenoids and tonsils are coming out for this little one over summer break. 

We are in the process of a kitchen makeover. And by we, I mean Jim - is doing all the work and Lia and I are helping clean! 

Don't you clean wearing butterfly wings too?! 

And just because messy morning hair is still cute when your 5 .... 

Can't wait to see what adventures we get into next week! 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

To everything

turn, turn, turn 
There is a season ... turn,turn,turn 

And this season has been one of changes, challenges and a lot of growth for all of us! 

This week our preschool season ends and we leave the comfort of our beloved little preschool and wonderful teachers. It's making us a little sad...
We are looking forward to summer! 
A beach vacation, dance class, swimming pool days and a little break from IEP's, therapies and appointments. 

We ended the school year with VIP night. 
We had a spring music performance and art show. 

And just because our girl LOVES to perform here are a few videos. 

As one of the last school related projects for this year,  
Lia got to bring home heart bear and we documented their adventure for her class to read about! 

They watered flowers 

Blew bubbles 

And had a snack 

It's been a great school year! 
We will miss this school SO much. 
We are looking forward to Lia's kindergarten adventure this fall. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Moms' Day Gift Exchange

I am so excited to be a part of another box swap.

This one was just for MOMS'. 

Our hosts Courtney, Liz and Jenny thought it would be fun to celebrate moms' 
and they were right.

I had the pleasure of shopping for Tara from A Tale of FOUR Maples
Hop on over to her blog to see what I found for this busy mom of 2 boys.

Whitney from Work-it-Mommy had me.
Whitney spent time on our blog and Instagram page and came up with a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

I love the framed Bible verse and polish she picked for me.
Jeremiah 29:11 is by far one of my favorite Bible verses.
If I ever find myself questioning something, just by saying the first line of this verse helps me keep things in perspective.
And because it IS Spring I can't wait to have this polish on my toes.

Thank you so much Whitney!