Sunday, March 1, 2015

Yay March

I love March. 
It means we are one month closer to spring, although you wouldn't know it by looking out our windows today. 
Someday we'll see that beautiful weeping cherry tree, green grass and hear the birds chirp but until then... 
We, and by we I mean Jim, will shovel and snow blow this white stuff away! 

Lia moved into a twin bed this weekend! 

She looks small again! 
Our little girl turns 5 this month! 5 YEARS old. She's growing so fast and a recent development - she is learning read. Really read - she asks how to spell everything and what the words mean - she even picks words out of books to read. I love that she follows the words with her finger!!!! So cute 
She's learning a lot of big words and using them - thanks Fancy Nancy! 
Speaking of Fancy Nancy, we are going to a children's theater in town in a few weeks to see a Fancy Nancy play! And it just happens to be Lia's favorite Fancy Nancy story!!! The Mermaid Ballet
It looks like March will be a fun and exciting month!! 
Come on sun and spring

Happy Sunday!! 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Let's get back to it

Tomorrow is the first day of school in 2 weeks! 
Yep 2 weeks. 
Not just because Lia has been sick but because we have had lots of snow and below 0 temperatures. There have been teacher in service days, snow days and Presidents day and school was canceled/closed 1/2 of the time. 
We are ready to get back to it - a life with a routine and school. 
BUT - Lia is still awake at 10:45pm - because this happened right after dinner! 
(She just crawled up on daddy's lap and closed her eyes! Before we knew it she was asleep) 

Tomorrow should be interesting! Sorry - Mrs A and Mrs D! 

We have been spending a lot of time on our couch the past few weeks getting better! 

But we also found the time to celebrate Chinese New Year & welcome the Year of the Sheep! 

May this next year be a year filled with love, hope, peace and lots of moments filled with joy and smiles!! 

And a few silly faces

Thursday, February 12, 2015

It must be ....

It must be daddy's birthday, almost Valentine's Day, almost Chinese New Year  - because this happened -  
Yep - Lia is sick! 
It seems to happen the same time each year! 
Nemo had to come see the doctor with us - he needed to see Dr Melissa because he was having trouble swimming! 
So here we go on a 14 day course of antibiotics. 
The one good thing about it - for Lia -we get to have camp outs in the living room every night!!!!!!!!!! 

We'll be on the couch if you need us!!